Sunday, March 25, 2007

Model Sheets...I've missed you

I finally got out of the habit of not doing model sheets since it's been some time since I did any. Here's a rough of the main character for Runic, Bowen.

I noticed a few things I need to change on these drawings and I do have a back 3/4 and back view too that's being worked on also. And I'll have another page for a few poses and probably one more on top of that for detailed items. I'll post them as I get them done. More Runic model sheets will follow once Bowen's done. And possibly some Holiday Lane model sheets too.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Holiday Lane and Photos

I've been hitting up some Holiday Lane designs lately. Getting some nice ideas flowin with a buddy of mine as we are getting this show pitch. We're actually a bit surprised how alot of the written side of things are just fitting together nicely...too nicely... But I whipped up a few designs which are still just that, designs. I still have some colour palettes to play with and such.
Here's Nickolas.

Mrs. Claus


And Patrick

More about this pitch will be posted up later. But for now the title is Holiday Lane.

I've also been doing some photo shooting to build a library for possible future reference. Here are two that I took on the way home from work a few nights back...well...these were more along the lines of a January or February night. But they were both taken along Front Street downtown Toronto.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Canadianime Update!

I took some time this weekend to update my website with all the content that you have all seen here plus a few new images that were recently completed along with my demo reel. so you may want to check that out at Canadianime Website. One of the new images is:

More will be updated as time moves on. I've been rather busy pulling late hours at work since this show is winding down and whatever time I still do have is spent getting my portfolio and stuff set for looking around for another animation gig.

I'm not popping around at any conventions this year aside from visiting. I want to wait until I have alot of content to bring the next time I attend one in an artist alley. So next year will probably be the time for something like that.

That's about it for now. More to come shortly!

Saturday, March 03, 2007


Hey hey! How are things going with people today? I'm finally taking the time to make a small post again. Lately I've been swamped with work animating on the Iggy Arbuckle show. But we're over the hill on that production so it's a bit expected at this point...well...very expected.

I've had some time here and there to get some artwork pumped out. And I haven't played much World of Warcraft in the last two and a half weeks too, which just feels odd...heh. But I'll kick things off with this comic page that I did as a page 1 for a story to be a Jam submission for Global Comic Jam but who knows when that contest will start up.

I tried doing this blizzard effect but it probably would have turned out ALOT better if I put more time into it. But this gives the idea which is all I really wanted to get by with the time I permitted myself for the page.

Also I'm currently working on a joint project with Carsten Bradley and Keith Jetter so be sure to be on the lookout sometime in May when we get this project underway. I DO have a image to post that is related to this project (at least for my end of this project).

I'll post more on this project as we get things rolling and the due date of May 1st draws closer. And here's a rough thumbnail of the main characters.

Well...that'll be it for now. I'll be sure to post sooner next time ^^.