Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Pose Book Drawings...the start of many!

So I finally got around to downloading and trying out Steve Silver's Pose Book App and LOVE it. I am very much looking forward to doing sketch studies from this app on lunch breaks as frequently as possible. I hope that in time, there are more additions made to the app for more variety. But since I'm just starting out with it, I have a fair amount of reference images to go through. Below is the first one.


Anonymous Evelyn Moore said...

02/06/06 Nektar Bar - Edinburgh, Scotland c) Trumpets the trumpets are the most common instruments used to play music not only in group performance but also for the solo performance and secondly they are as used as the second Fidel to the Violins and they have a very high pitched music and they can be used to create very soft and melodious music also. In the recording studio, Trans-Siberian Orchestra uses a full orchestra, choirs and a constantly growing group of singers and musicians. In 1998, at the request of Scott Shannon of WPLJ they performed live for the first time in a charity concert for Blythsdale Children's Hospital. In 1999 at the urging of Bill Lewis, a D.J. at WCNX in Cleveland, they did their first tour with the first being a rock opera and the second half debuting the sections of the "Beethoven's Last Night" which was released in the spring of 2000.

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