Thursday, July 14, 2011

Daily Doodle Thursday?! Already?

Yeppers! You see it right! Today I decided to sketch some random person on the busride to work this morning. This is what I managed to accomplish right as the bus was pulling in to the downtown station.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday's Daily Doodle!

Yes! I am back on track and on a role...partially due to what you will see in today's daily doodle. What I have been forced to see a little too much today with these huge files. Enjoy!

Tuesday's Daily Doodle!

Here is my Daily Doodle for yesterday. It'll be the main character to this upcoming project that is in the works with a few old comic friends. more info to be released later on.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Daily Doodle (Monday's version...)!

So I was at Wonderland yesterday with some friends. And honestly it was my first time there. Now...picture this. I admit to having a fear of heights and have never ridden on a roller coaster till yesterday morning. My friends toss me on Topgun or Flight Deck or whatever it's called now. It was an "interesting" experience.

Though all in all I had a great time. Though I still have the fear of heights...for now. Got to try out ALOT of the rides there and it was a great day.

Another Daily Doodle coming for today!


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Daily Doodles?!

So as of this week I decided I will attempt (AND SUCCEED!) and creating a drawing a day. The drawing will be of anything that comes to mind, be it concept art for an upcoming project, something that just happened that day, or just something completely random and left field. I hope to post them on the day of their creation or the following day. It will all depend on when I have internet access after completing the daily doodle.

Why do this? For fun mostly. Also to get back to drawing alot more then what I'm currently doing. And to be fun, creative, and hopefully a bit entertaining.

First up is what I intended for the past Fan Art Friday project. It was open this past week so I chose my friend, Carsten Bradley. He has remained a great internet friend and inspiration for a long time now. The following is my rendition of his character Kurt from one of hist stories titled Shadowlands.

And for today, I have drawn a little something that happened to me this morning. I was waiting for the bus to head to work, and while waiting in one of the glass shelters, it happened to be pouring rain outside. As I stood in there, some old man walks over smoking a cigarette and sits down on the mini-bench and before he finishes his smoke, he lights up the next one. Now these booths are packed with "No Smoking" signs and here I am choking on the sheer amount of smoke coming out of this guy's mouth, so I stepped out to get away from his smoke at least, but get caught in the rain.

Hope you enjoy and see you tomorrow!