Saturday, December 02, 2006

Nearing Website Completion ^_^

Well. I'm getting REALLY happy about getting near all the drawings completed for the website and soon being able to start on the actual comic itself. Thanks Richtoon for your comment. Yeah, a buddy of mine got me started earlier this year but I was pretty bad at keeping up with blogging. At least until recently when I've been turning up new artwork.

Here's a little something I completed tonight. Two more character drawings fully coloured and a third character just drawn out. I'm colouring him in tomorrow after I get up sometime.

Well...that's all for now. I'm tired and I'll have more posted for tomorrow.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Shadow Lily Characters...HHOOOOO!!!!

I have a massive upload for you today! First here are three drawings that I managed to work on tonight and nearly completed all the work for the Shadow Lily website. Tomorrow night (or Saturday morning really) is when the site shall be done with all the work and I can get started on the cover and pages for issue 1 !!!! YAY!

So I'll probably post after the weekend a small section of the cover. And before then I'll post another character or the rest of them once I complete them

And here's a doodle I did on the subway on my way home from work. It's an initial design of Old Man Winter or Jack Frost who will be in this comic idea that a friend and I are developing. We're just taking things at a nice pace and it's more for our amusement then anything else right now. This character will go along with the Easter Bunny from a few posts ago. Enjoy!

And also this weekend I'll be getting around to updating my website with all the new artwork.