Friday, July 06, 2007

Moving on...

I've been pretty bad with keeping up on my postings. Something I'm not too great about anyways. But here's a post with some photos...unfortunately no art this time around. I left Toronto last week and before I left I took a stroll downtown before my last day

And made my way to the theatre where the Evil Dead the Musical was playing. Thanks to Tammy and Joe for the fun time I had there.

We weren't allowed to have photos or video cameras on during the production but it was a phenomenal time. Some of us got sprayed with blood even without being in the splatter zone so that was awesome on it's own. If you happen to be in Toronto and love the Evil Dead movies, I DEFINITELY recommend on taking time to watching the musical.

One of my last days also had a sudden downpour that looked pretty cool and I wish that my camera was able to capture it...but didn't fully. It was still pretty neat just looking over the balcony.

Eventually I left for Calgary to visit alot of friends and a stop-off as I work my way to Vancouver. I haven't done too much yet. Just settling down and having a good time. Craig and Kim took me to a Farmer's Market and it was nice seeing the diversity of the ethnic food.

And earlier in the evening I got to hang out with a bunch of friends as we tried this board game which I forget the name but it involves Cthulu apparently.

I'll hopefully post more once I get to checking out the Calgary Stampede and other fun stuff. Till then have a good one.