Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Looking for a voice!

Hey all! I've been working on some scripts for the Geekery series to animate a season of 3-5 minute shorts for online. I am in need of a voice for the following character:

Anyone interested in trying out for this spot, please let me know (email at and I will take in any auditions and provide one of the episode scripts for readings (if you would like). He is one of the 3 main characters for the series. Pettore is usually the lazy one of the trio and he mostly plays with miniatures more then other "geeky" activities. If you have any further questions or comments, I'm always open to critiques and valuable input (good or bad). Thanks and have a good one!

EDIT: This is an unpaid position unless I see it generating some funds. And in that case I would be more then happy to pay the voice talent for their gracious services. But only if it generates some funds to do so. I am not making money off of this, I'm just creating a story to put out into the world. Just wanted to clarify incase there were some misconceptions ;). Thanks.