Friday, March 27, 2009

Layout Drawings....

Hey hey! How's it going? I really have to get a little more active on this blog-thing. Sorry for any of you that would like to see more and also more often, I'm bad at commitment stuff like this, my mind gets distracted too easily :P. Anyways, I'm working on a school portfolio (yes, I am planning on going back to learn some 3D stuff) and I have to do the usual animation portfolio of the hands, life drawing, your bedroom, etc.

I figured since I just finished one of the views of my bedroom that I would post it now. It's ALOT cleaner then what my bedroom really is, but I figured it shows enough detail to get the idea. My room sortof is inbetween the small hallway and the kitchen, so my roomate has to wander through my room just to get to the stove or fridge. Hence why it seems my dresser/mirror isn't sitting at a wall.
I did this all straight in photoshop and it probably took me alot longer to do then what it should have. That's probably cause I'm more of a character guy then a background guy so I don't draw many backgrounds/layouts and it usually doesn't interest me as much so I get bored fast drawing them. So in turn I can easily get distracted (Resident Evil 5 has been the recent one).

Well, I'll probably take a quick break from the layout drawing and work on the hand drawings next before tackling the opposite angle of my bedroom. Enjoy and I'll probably post more soon with what's going in that schol portfolio. Ciao for now!