Tuesday, February 05, 2008

First New Year Post!?

Ouch....Sorry for the lack of posts people. I've been busy but still could have found time I guess. Well...at least I have alot to say in this post!

I'll open up with a design sketch in the works for Holiday Lane. Below is a lineup of the whole cast for Holiday Lane. From left to right, theres:
John Smith, Jane Smith, son (name pending, daughter (again with the pending name), Death, Mother Nature, Big Foot, EB (Easter Bunny), the Tooth Fairy, Kris Kringle, Mrs Claus, Bonhomme DeNeige, an elf, Patrick, Cupid and Jack Frost.

Craig and I have been working off and on in getting Holiday Lane ready. So far what's been written out for the pilot and the first episode script is pretty good. Just first drafts are done right now so alot more still to go. Keep checking here or at my main website of www.canadianime.com for more information on Holiday Lanes.

Last night I just finished this comic page for a contest Global Comic Jam was running. I wish I was able to find more time to do more work on it (hense the many photoshop filters if you've noticed :/ ) but you can't win them all. I'm pleased at least with how it turned out. It's getting the comic drawing rust off. Check out the forums at Global Comic Jam for more details on the contest or others that may be starting off really soon.

So that about covers it for now. I should have more up sometime in the near future. Expect alot more Holiday Lane and the occasional comic page!