Friday, March 23, 2007

Holiday Lane and Photos

I've been hitting up some Holiday Lane designs lately. Getting some nice ideas flowin with a buddy of mine as we are getting this show pitch. We're actually a bit surprised how alot of the written side of things are just fitting together nicely...too nicely... But I whipped up a few designs which are still just that, designs. I still have some colour palettes to play with and such.
Here's Nickolas.

Mrs. Claus


And Patrick

More about this pitch will be posted up later. But for now the title is Holiday Lane.

I've also been doing some photo shooting to build a library for possible future reference. Here are two that I took on the way home from work a few nights back...well...these were more along the lines of a January or February night. But they were both taken along Front Street downtown Toronto.


Blogger Joseph said...

Sweet more stuff!!! I like the afroman and your st nick is one of your strongest pieces. The girl might want to see a lawyer about that boob job though. Keep it up:)

11:16 PM  

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