Thursday, November 23, 2006

Shadow Lily Update!

It's late, I'm not tired now...but I know I'm gonna feel it really bad tomorrow. Anyways, the Shadow Lily website is coming along nicely. I have some of the layouts finalized and working on the most part. Tomorrow is when I tackle the characters section. I still have a bunch of artwork for that part...but that's a job for this weekend :D. I have also had a chat with Carsten Bradley and he's agreed to do the colouring for the Shadow Lily covers (YAY!). Not only am I glad that he's one of my favourite colourists out there, but it's gonna save a buttload of work for me in the future. I still get the fun of colouring interior pages.

I'll have some images to post up here soon enough. But for now, good night.


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