Tuesday, September 26, 2006

11 days and counting!

11 days till the 24 Hour Comic Jam happens! I'm getting more and more pumped by the day. I finally got the story roughed out on what I'll be doing and just flushing that out along with the character designs. All I will hint at is that it will deal with my Runic Warrior story.

Runic Warrior is set in a different world somewhat mixed in technology (part medieval, part steampunk). It is a story about Breianna Aislan who is seeking revenge for the murder of her parents and best friend by the King's Soldiers. She witnesses this when she was on her way home from collecting wood for the stove but escapes to a near port town where she is picked up by the captain of a pirate ship. A few years roll by and she returns to the very town where she left her past to finish off what the King started. She is joined by a martial artist, who has found his way to the world of wine and women, and an elvan geomancer, treasure hunter by trade. Twists and turns take the trio across the world of the humans and the world of the elves as Brei makes her way to her destined goal.

Still some things are in the works but that's what I'll reveal for now. I'll also be posting up the pages I do during the 24 Comic Jam so be sure to keep track of that.

And to keep you entertained for now, Night Elf dance!!!


Anonymous Mc Hammer said...

Whoa!!! WOW animators must suck at dancing, they've no game.

Please Hammer don't hurt em:)

7:53 PM  

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