Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Transition Still

Hey all. I'm just writing this blog up before I head into work this morning. Figured it's been a while since I posted a blog (I actually forgot I had this blog :/). Anyways. To start it off, I've been living in Toronto now for the past 2 months working at C.O.R.E. as an animator for Iggy Arbuckle.

It's alot of fun so far. I'm having a great time. I've also been running around finding an apartment so I will have a place to unpack. Big thanks to Darren and Ryan for putting up with me and all my stuff this past long while. Anyways, I unpacked the tablet last night to doodle a bit and came up with a "poster girl" for Canadianime.

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The design's still in the works. I have done alot of concept artwork these past 2 months in 2 sketchbooks. Why two sketchbooks? Cause I forgot one in my old city before I moved all my things here and so bought a second one to tie me over. I would have them scanned and such if it wasn't for the fact that my scanner just decided to pull a retirement plan on me and not want to turn on ever again. So I'll just redraw them digitally until I get a new scanner or go somewhere to scan them myself. But more art to come and I will post more on this blog. Promise.

Oh yeah! Also been working out the kinks for the Shadow Lily website. so far you can see the progress at the Shadow Lily Flash Site which is currently in it's planning/process stages. And on that note, you'll need the most recent Flash viewer in order to see the text on this site. Something I just realized.

So at the time being it's just really artwork that needs to be completed and I'll get moving on that once I get a place to settle down and unpack in. to work I go!

Xenosaga 3?!

Wow. I used to keep myself heavily updated on the videogame releases but I've been slipping alot. I didn't even know Xenosaga 3 was anywhere near release till I saw it at Toys 'R Us yesterday. One thing I ahve to get around to doing is finishing off Xenosaga 2 still. I managed to get myself "stuck" on a boss where it feels impossible. I think I may be stuck restarting since I can't really do anything to help change my situation. But I love the story to this series despite the imbalance of gameplay and story moments. Aparently this is the last of the story that deals with Shion, Kosmos and crew so I'm curious now how they will be tieing this together once the story hits where Xenogears is to begin. Anyways, here's a pic of Kosmos or something like her.


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