Sunday, September 30, 2007

24 Hour Comic Jam and Runic Art!!

EDIT: 3 of the images was just replaced with coloured versions!

Hi all. I've been pretty busy running around Canada figuring out where to stay and work for a while. After my brief stay in Vancouver I went back to Calgary for a while and am now back in Toronto (well...Mississauga for now) and making my journey back to Sudbury for work.

I've also been keeping busy with animation tests and also getting ready for the 24 Hour Comic Jam for this year. My characters will be:

I'm still working on a story to get an idea on what to do...but it seems to be going good so far.

And the past few days I've been finding some time getting Runic designs done and playing around with some backstory to the world it'll be in. Here are a few images to wet your visual palette.

So as you can see it's starting to branch out and get a little dynamic. These are also only key figures in the story that I have planned thus far. There are still a TON of species and lands that Bowen and his friends will journey across and meet.

Runic is coming along smoothly and I'm in the process of cleaning up the character designs and will be getting a start on location designs which is the last thing I am looking at getting done before starting up on comic pages. So be sure to keep your eyes peeled as I'll be posting more work up in the coming days.

Catch you later!


Blogger courtney said...

i just found your blog, and it's amazing!! great characters, and really nice posing! and i really love your colouring too, especially on the wolf guy. keep it up, i want to see more!!

9:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Josh, your artwork gives me the kick in the butt that i need to get my characters drawn. I wish i had as much creativity as you. You're characters come to live as you draw them and i will always be one of your biggest fans. I hope you don't mind... i'll be using you're art as an aid for character creation. Your proportions are flawless and your posing is to die for. Maybe you can help me out when you get to Suds. Give me some ideas on how to improve my talent. I tend to get frustrated when drawing cause i have some limitations. ^-^
Ciao for now!

11:51 AM  
Blogger Josh said...

@courtney - Thanks! I finally saw yours too and you have alot of really nice stuff. Don't worry, I'll be having more posted up soon and often as I'm getting all these designs plugged out. I probably would have more cleaned up stuff if I didn't spend a few hours just trying to think of names of Gods and Goddesses for this world.

@Shay - Keep it up. You have alot of practice to go and I have no problems on helping you out when I'm in town. And my proportions still have alot of needed work.

11:56 AM  
Blogger Joseph said...

This is a great post. Great job Josh!!!

12:49 PM  

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